Developer at Vercel

Dany Dodson

Dany Dodson / November 09, 2022

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Developers want to be productive – but are often slowed down by the complexity of their tools.

Tools that keep developers in the flow state have a magnetic force. An often unexplainable, invisible pull that attracts and retains them to certain products. This pull is developer experience (DX).

DX, like magnetic forces, either attract or repel. Products with a great developer experience are invaluable to a developer's workflow. I've used hundreds of devtools in my career. The products that kept me in the flow state stuck around. Vercel was one of those products for me, which is why I joined the team.

It's an honor to share that I am now the VP of Developer Experience at Vercel to continue to invest in the foundations of DX and community as a core part of the company strategy. This post outlines why my role is expanding beyond DevRel and why Developer Experience is now part of the executive team.